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Studio 11b welcomes you to our boutique, comfortable, and professional recording facility in the heart of Mount Maunganui. With an impressive array of vintage analogue gear,  modern digital equipment, and a large selection of instruments and toys, we strive to produce your next project to the outstanding result our clients deserve.

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The scariest thing for any musician can be beginning the recording process. Fears of escalating costs, an engineer ignorant to your sound or needs and judgement from unhelpful anti-social studio geeks can lead many a musician to record on the cheap in their parents garage to mixed results. At Studio 11b we promise to buck these recording studio cliches by bringing your projects to life with zero judgement, a positive and always welcoming attitude but most importantly to have it achieved at the highest of quality while still at affordable rates. 

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Main recording room “Drum Room”

Our largest room is where we most commonly record drums and full bands wanting to track live. It is a fairly lively space with an asymmetrical ceiling that gives a larger open sound at one end and a tighter sound at the other. This room also houses a Yamaha upright piano and a small vocal PA for rehearsals. 

 “Piano room”

This room is completely asymmetrical and provides a tighter sound that is also very natural. It houses a Yamaha baby grand piano, an original Hammond C3 organ with a 122 Leslie speaker., and plethora of guitar amps.   

Isolation Booth 

Located just off the control room. The isolation both is for capturing every detail of a sound source without any ambience or reflections.  Perfect for voice over and sound FX duties. 


– Music/sound recording
– Mixing/editing/post production 
– Voice over 
– Rehearsal space 

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Valve LDC
1 x BLUE Big Bottle with B6, B7, B0 caps 
1 x Manley Ref C (on request)
1 x WA251

2 x AKG C414 xls
1 x AKG C414 eb (vintage)
2 x Microtech Gefell umt70s
2 x Charter Oak e700
1 x Lewitt LCT 640

2 x Coles 4038
2 x Royer R121
1 x Royer SF12 (stereo)
2 x Beyerdynamic M160

2 x BeesKneez Lulu (km84 clone)
2 x AKG c460b
2 x Beyerdynamic MC930
1 x Lewitt LCT 340
1 x Shure Beta91 (pzm)

4 x Sennheiser MD421 (vintage U series)
2 x Sennheiser e609
4 x Shure sm57
2 x Shure sm7b
1 x Shure sm77
1 x Shure sm58
1 x Shure beta58
1 x Shure beta52
1 x AKD D12 (vintage)
1 x AKG D112
1 x Beyerdynamic m201
1 x Audix i5
2 x Audix D2
1 x Audix D4
1 x Audix D1


Studio Monitors 
Dynaudio AIR15
(air base 2 sub on request)
Genelec 8020c

Headphone System
Behringer p16 Powerplay
6 x P16-m personal mixers

Pro Tools Ultimate HDX
2 x Avid Artist mix  
Lynx Aurora 32n (32×32 i/o)

Guitar Amps

Fender Twin Reverb 1979
Vox AC30 custom hand-wired combo
Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 50
Orange Rocker 30
Orange Rockerverb 100 mk1
Marshall JCM 800 100 watt (1980s)
Marshall Plexi 50w head
Swart Atomic Space Tome
Swart Stereomaster 
Tone King Imperial
Roland JC120
Matchless C30

Marshall 1960v 4×12 Speaker Cab
Fender 4×12 with original 20w Greenbacks
Unbranded 4×12 with Vintage 30s
Matamp Green 2×12 RH Standard
Custom built 2×12 with vintage 30s 

Pre Amps / Outboard

PreAmps w/EQ
16 x Trident Series 70 desk Channel Strips
2 x Rupert Neve 5032
2 x Phoenix Audio drs-q4
1 x Manley Vox Box
2 x Tonelux mp5a
2 x WA73

2 x Buzz Audio Elixir
1 x Buzz Audio SSA 1.1 (dual channel)
1 x Ekadek Valve pre (dual channel)
1 x WA412 (four channel)
1 x Studio Electronics pre 2 (dual channel)
1 x SPL Gold Mike 2 (dual channel)
2 x Audient Black pre
1 x API 505 di

4 x Audient Black EQ 
2 x Empirical Labs DocDerr EL-Rx
2 x Tonelux EQ5p
1 x Manley Massive Passive


2 x Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X
2 x Empirical Labs DocDerr EL-RX
1 x Buzz Audio SOC 2.0 
1 x Buzz Audio DBC-20
2 x WA76
2 x Audient Black Comps
1 x Purple mc77
1 x HCL Varis
1 x Tonelux Tx5c
1 x WA2A
1 x Toft DC-2

Recording System

Pro Tools Ultimate HDX
2 x Avid Artist mix  
Lynx Aurora 32n (32×32 i/o)


We have too many electric guitars, basses, 12 strings, baritones, tenors,  cigar box guitars and weird guitars to name them all but below is a short list of some of our favourites.  Please get in touch if you need something specific to your session.

Fender Jaguar 1963 (pre CBS)
Fender Custom shop USA Telecaster 
Gibson 347 (vintage)
Hagstrom Les Paul
Ibanez Artist (vintage hollow body) 

Rickenbacker 4001 (vintage)
Fender Deluxe USA P-bass
Gibson EB-2 (vintage)
Fender Bass VI

We have over 150 effects pedals covering pretty much everything you can imagine. Check out our pictures or flick us an email for more info. 

Bass Amps

Aguilar DB751 head
Aguilar TH 500 head
Ashdown Little Bastard head
Fender Rumble 500 combo
Aguilar DB 410 speaker cab
Aguilar SL 410x speaker cab
SWR 8×8 bass cab


Rogers Holiday (1964)
22×14 kick drum
13×9 rack tom
16×16 floor tom

Ludwig Classic (1973)
24×14 kick drum
13×9 rack tom
14×10 rack tom
14×14 floor tom
16×16 floor tom

Pearl Masterworks Mahogany (2005)
22×20 kick drum
10×8 rack tom
12×9 rack tom
14×10 rack tom
16×16 floor tom
18×16 floor tom

Snare drums:
1961 “super ludwig” 14×5
– 1967 Ludwig Jazz Festival 14×5
Ludwig black beauty 14×6.5
Pearl Masterworks Mahogany 14×8
Sonar custom DC bronze 14×8
– Ayotte Keplinger Steel 14×5
– Pearl Masterworks maple 12×5


1950’s Hammond C3 organ and Leslie 122
Yamaha Baby Grand Piano
Yamaha Upright Piano

Prophet 12
Korg prologue
Korg Triton LE
Korg sp250
Korg SV-1
Nord wave
Moog little phatty
VOX Continental

Analogue effects / Digital Plugins

Roland SRE-555 Tape Echo/Chorus/Reverb
Roland RE-301 Tape Echo/Chorus/Reverb 
Over 150 pedals

Plugin Alliance Mix-Master bundle
Soundtoys 5 Bundle
Waves Gold Bundle 
Isotope 7 Elements 
Plus MANY more

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11B MacDonald St,
Mount Maunganui, NZ.

BOOKINGS / Questions

Phone: 027 916 5129

Email: [email protected]

Rates / Hours

Day rate $750 – Includes GST and house engineer. 
10 hours including 1 hour meal break.

Hourly rate: $80 p/h Includes house engineer.
Two hour minimum booking. 

Standard recording: 10am – 8pm
Feel free to contact us about overtime sessions. 

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